Painting a pavement texture

gamedev art photoshop

My first try at hand painting a texture in Photoshop.

Finished texture.

I wanted to dive into this topic for a while but couldn’t find a good starting point until recently. While browsing youtube for some good photoshop painting introductions I came across a texturing workshop led by Jamin Shoulet at the Academy of Art University. Through this video I found the channel Metric Meditation and this video which is using many of the same techniques that Jamin introduced in his workshop. So I thought trying to make something similar would be a good way to get my feet wet.

Timelapse of the painting process.

Just like you (should) prototype before going into production or doing a rough blocking out of your animation before adding detail, I think the same applies for making tileable textures. Although I am happy with the style of my texture I don’t like how it repeats. The big stones are way too prominent and stick out when using it on a large area. This would’ve been apparent if I just took an earlier version of the texture and slapped it onto a large plane. I could’ve then tweaked the shapes of the stones until the tiling looked pleasing.